​To cure with the plants, a good or bad idea?

​To cure with the plants, a good or bad idea?

​To cure with the plants, a good or bad idea?


Healing without chemical molecules has become a common practice to ensure one's well-being. Nevertheless appealing to soft medicine, say, unconventional is not often unanimous.

Little known, many come to think that to heal gently to less impact than the taking of chemical or pharmaceutical care.

Faced with the many failures of the so-called "chemical" traditional medicine and the environmental disasters associated with it, the followers of alternative medicine are more and more numerous. We explain why of all alternative medicines, herbal medicine is one of the oldest and most effective:

Of all the alternative medicines, herbal medicine is one of the oldest and most effective:

Used since time immemorial, from generation to generation, phytotherapy consists of using plants and not chemicals.

It helps treat daily ills, treat the side effects of heavy treatment or even prevent certain diseases.

In fact, of the 500,000 species listed, around 22,000 have benefits that are or serve as models for today's major drugs. 60% of the medicines sold in the world come from plants.

Economical and ecological, the use of plants can be treated cheaply and over a longer period. The dosages, often minimal allow to use them longer.

The advantage with plants is that the formats are multiple. You can eat them fresh, dry, in essential oils, in capsules, in liquid, in powder, in mother tinctures and more.

We choose herbal tea for more efficiency!

Did you know that herbal tea is one of the best ways to feel the benefits of plants?

Important fact: 15 to 30 g of plants per liter equals 75 industrial softgel (on an equivalent of 0.3 g / softgel)!

Unlike other phytotherapeutic uses, the consumption of herbal tea is mild and does not require the consultation of a doctor.

The process is simple, requires little time and the result is satisfactory.

And you will necessarily find THE herbal tea that you need to treat many small pains of daily life

Facilitate digestion, improve sleep, calm anxiety and more. There are a lot of plants, with many virtues beneficial to health. Effects, moreover, multiplied when they are associated with each other.

At Naturiste, we particularly believe in the powers of plants. We thought about developing herbal teas to offer you the most choices possible.

That's why we've created combinations to relieve your mental and physical pain.

Among our wide selection of tea and herbal tea, you will find here the great essentials of everyday life:

1) The box Midi and Noon and Me that contains 3 of our favorite formulas:

Energy Tea: for better shape and concentration

Calm herbal tea: soothes and relaxes

Detox herbal tea: cleanses the body

2) Immunity: help your body defend itself against daily attacks and limit allergies

3) Dormiform: relaxes and helps to find sleep

4) Laxative: against occasional constipation

5) Silhouette: help with weight management

Apart from herbal teas, you can treat yourself with Aromatherapy. That can be found in essential oils for example. To know that many of them are able to solve countless worries that you are and will face throughout your life.

For example, hair growth, relaxation, breathing aid, energy, tone, treatment of the year, ...

Discover our full range of essential oils right here.

To conclude, plants have positive effects on health.

They have several virtues, are economical, practical and easy to use.

Without mentioning the minimal environmental impact compared to the traditional medicine.

And if this medicine exists for thousand years, it is surely because it is effective. What do you think about it?

July 15, 2019