Summer benefits

Summer benefits

Summer benefits

How to enjoy the benefits of summer

Summer provides us with four essential elements for health. These are the air, the sun, fresh food and the heat. From these four fundamental elements for health, it becomes possible to strengthen everything our body provided, of course, that we take the trouble to use them fully.

Summer should be considered the ideal season to rebuild our strengths, our reserves and our energies. It's the season of detoxification, tissue repair and building of a strong organism. This season indeed offers us all the conditions required to achieve those goals. It is up to us to take advantage of it.

The great outdoors and deep oxygenation are fully accessible in summer. It is good to be at outside. We can breathe fully, we can be physically active to intensify the respiratory exchanges. This is the perfect time to regenerate our lungs and hence our whole organism. But who really benefits from this situation? Some wise men of course. But too many people, unfortunately, do not think about it.


The beneficent sun

On the sun side, the situation is not as dramatic. Some people indeed think of to tan. Even if it is mainly for aesthetic reasons, the benefits of the sunshine are no less present. On the other hand, there are still many people who do not take practically any sun during the summer. In older people, for example, the practice of sunshine is not very popular. Yet we all need sun, which we be six months or 90 years old.


Fresh fruits and vegetables

Again, there are few people who take full advantage of this unique situation. Some eat a little more raw vegetables, but this fact remains a limited practice. Yet found in fruit and fresh vegetables all the nutrients to promote detoxification and to fill all of our nutritional deficiencies. In summer, we need at least 70% of our food belongs to the category of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you can't find enough time to eat it, you can always consume antioxidant supplements from green vegetables or wild fruits.

Heat as a means of sweating

It is also necessary to sweat regularly and abundantly in summer to allow the body to eliminate as many toxins and unwanted elements as possible. It's also the perfect time lose excess fat in order to regain its normal weight.

June 23, 2020