Eating outside : the consequences

Eating outside : the consequences

Eating outside : the consequences

In summer we are more and more trying to eat outside, to enjoy the sun and the good atmosphere on the terrace. But on these occasions, do we really pay attention to what we eat?

Beta carotene

We know that beta-carotene is a very precious substance that can protect the body against several forms of cancer. To obtain such protection, however, it is necessary to find in the diet between 5 and 6 mg of beta-carotene each day.

The current diet, however, provides only 1.5 mg. It is, in fact, only 25-30% of what is needed. It is therefore advisable to emphasize the consumption of foods rich in beta-carotene. Green vegetables, vegetables and orange pulp fruits (carrots, sweet potatoes, peaches, cantaloupes, apricots, papayas, mangoes, etc.) provide significant amounts of beta-carotene.

If these foods are not consumed regularly, beta-carotene can be taken in the form of dietary supplements.

There are two ways to assess the biological activity of beta-carotene: in international units or in retinol equivalents.

In the case of international units, 6 micrograms of beta-carotene gives 10 international units. A quantity of 6 milligrams (1,000 times more than 6 micrograms) will therefore give 10,000 international units.

If we speak in terms of retinol equivalents, which is done more and more today, we will have the following standard: 6 micrograms give a retinol equivalent. Therefore, 6 milligrams (1,000 times more) will give 1,000 retinol equivalents. The abbreviation for retinol equivalents is ER "

According to official standards, a man needs 1000 ER per day. A woman needs 800.


Eating outside :

Nowadays, people are eating more and more outside. Such a situation involves risks in terms of nutritional quality. These are the main risks:

1- A greater intake of fat.

2- A higher cholesterol intake.

3- A greater salt intake.

4- A reduced intake of dietary fiber.

5- A reduced calcium intake.

6- A reduced intake of vitamin C.

The problem of fat, cholesterol and salt is not easy to solve. But that of the lack of fiber, calcium and vitamin C can fairly easily be corrected by the use of food supplements.

It is also possible, when you eat often outside, to make a special effort to eat well at home. Knowing that eating out in restaurants may be fattier, richer in cholesterol and salt, we can decide to eat perfectly well at home. To do this, it is enough to buy only foods low in fat, cholesterol and salt. At the same time, we will necessarily increase the nutritional quality of meals at home.

That said, it should be added that it is now possible to eat better and better when eating out. There are more and more places where healthy food is served. Just look for good naturist restaurants and order only healthy food, including lots of vegetables. Avoid frying and never add salt. In addition, our choice of food should focus mainly on a vegetarian diet rather than on meats.

July 5, 2020